Our First Weekend

This past Saturday was the day that we unveiled the new website and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kmrussellphotography).  Our goal for the first week was to hit 250 likes on our new page.  Once we hit that goal we would give away a free photo shoot to someone that liked, shared or commented on our page.  We met our goal in just over 24 hours and the number has been on the rise ever since! 

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends and family that made this a fabulous first weekend.  We were excited to debut our site but there's always that part of you that is a little nervous.  Whenever you put yourself and your passion out there for the "world" to see, you know that you open yourself up to criticism as well as approval.  And that is bound to happen at some point.  But we can rest in knowing that we have an amazing support system that will be with us every step of this journey and we are so thankful for you all!