Andre & Esperance {Lexington, KY Wedding Photographer}

One of the most fun aspects of being a wedding photographer is having the opportunity to be a part of different cultures for a day.  It's so exciting to participate in the couples' special day from behind the lens and watch it all unfold.  One wedding that we recently had the chance to shoot was that of a beautiful African couple.

Andre and Esperance had a lovely wedding in Lexington, KY at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church.  The ceremony was filled with love and excitement as the guests cheered and gathered around the couple expressing their joy.  While this was not the traditional African wedding ceremony, there were aspects from that culture that ran throughout the day.  Esperance was a gorgeous bride and they were a gracious couple that were amazing to work with.  There was a limo waiting outside of the church to take us down to Triangle Park in downtown Lexington (my first time riding in a limo! :).  The wedding party looked stunning in their purple dresses and gray suits.  Following portraits at Triangle Park, we made our way to the reception hall at Cathedral of Christ the King for more festivities.  The food smelled amazing, the guests were happy and the bride and groom were the picture of grace throughout it all.

Thank you, Andre and Esperance for allowing us to be apart of your special day!  Many blessings to you as you begin your lives as a married couple!