Romantic Getaways in Kentucky

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Almost 11 years ago for our 5 year anniversary, we went on a two week long cruise to the Eastern Caribbean and it was dreamy.  We hit 7 different islands, some with pink sand, some with black sand and of course, some had pure white sand.  The water was bright turquoise and Keith spent days snorkeling the warm waves while I lounged on the beach.  The cruise ship had fun shows, good food and activities to keep us busy.  We never felt like that vacation was too was perfect!  

Then about a week after we arrived back in Kentucky, I got pregnant!  We were thrilled and our daughter has been our sweetest blessing by far.  We've never been on another long vacation since then, however.  At this point in my life I'm not sure that I would even WANT to be away from home that long.  But, it's still important to us to have the opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend some time relaxing and focusing on each other.  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays in part because we often try to get out of town for a night or two and go to new places.  Since we've had almost 16 years together to try out romantic destinations in Kentucky and nearby, I thought I'd share some ideas for special getaways for you to try out!

Shaker Village KM Russell Photography

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, KY

I'll start out with Shakertown because that's where we went last year for Valentine's Day.  We had so much fun there and would definitely recommend it!  The dining room serves delicious food in a historic atmosphere.  The rooms are nice and clean and most have a gorgeous view of the rolling hills of the Bluegrass.  You also have the option to purchase tickets to tour the property and watch people perform various skills (such as weaving or broom-making) while dressed in clothing styles from the 1800s.  While it's a perfect destination for Valentine's Day, we agreed that it would be even better in warm weather so that we could walk along the lantern-lit paths. 

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill KM Russell
Wildwood Inn Kentucky Cave KM Russell

Wildwood Inn, Florence, KY

A few years ago we happened upon a website that showed a hotel with themed rooms that looked so cool!  We decided to book a suite for Valentine's Day and we were not disappointed!  We stayed in the Kentucky Cave room and it was amazing how realistic it looked!  There are many different suite options that are in themes ranging from the Arctic Cave (which looks like a freezing icy cave) to the Happy Days Suite (where the bed is in a restored 59 Cadillac convertible) to the Venetian Suite that is designed to look like old Venice.  Florence is also in close proximity of the Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Museum Center which we always enjoy visiting. 

Brown County KM Russell Photography

Brown County, Indiana

Brown County, or Nashville, Indiana is only about 2 1/2-3 hours away from Central Kentucky and is a sweet little community that makes a perfect weekend getaway location.  We discovered this little town a few years ago and quickly fell in love with it.  The downtown area is so cute and full of little shops and restaurants to visit and nearly everything is within walking distance of each other.  There is also a state park nearby for those that love hiking and other outdoor activities.  Our favorite meal was from the Artist's Colony Inn where the "sun fries" (sweet potato fries) are AMAZING.

Nashville IN KM Russell Photography
KY State Parks KM Russell

Kentucky State Parks

We've been to several state parks over the years to enjoy the natural side of Kentucky.  I think that Carter Caves State Resort Park is our favorite.  We love the hiking trails and the caves, of course.  They have tours in caves as well as caves that you can go in on your own.  There is a restaurant on the premises, a cute gift shop and now they have a Gem Mining area in case you take kids with you.  There is a campground and also cabins in addition to the lodge. 

Red River Gorge KM Russell Photography

Red River Gorge

We have spent many days out in the Red River Gorge hiking and exploring.  A few times we have made it an overnight trip and it is hiker's paradise.  It's very popular with rock climbers as well if you're adventurous like that, unlike myself!  Unfortunately I can't remember the names of any of the cabins that we've stayed in but I would check out this link if you're interested. 

These romantic getaways that I've shared are pretty simple, affordable and close if you live in Kentucky.  The main thing is to enjoy being together and not having to worry about the laundry or work.  If you and your love are trying to think of someplace different to spend Valentine's Day or just get away for a night or two, I hope these will give you some ideas.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! 

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