I'm Engaged!!!...Now What?!


Congratulations on your engagement!  The holidays are a popular time for couples to become engaged and it’s such a sweet, exciting occasion!  Becoming engaged right before or at the New Year makes it feel like you have a fresh start together as a couple.  It is also the perfect time to begin planning for the special day!

Planning a wedding can be so much fun but it can also get stressful.  There are lots of things to consider, probably a lot more than you ever realized!  Instead of overwhelming you with everything that needs to be decided on and purchased, we’ll just give you a short list of things that you might want to start with after you’ve decided on an approximate date.  Remember, we are always happy to help so if you have any questions, contact us at knmrussell@yahoo.com!

1.        What style do you want for your wedding?  Do you imagine yourself in a big Cinderella dress in a fancy ballroom or outdoors in field of wildflowers in a simple boho style gown?  Or is your dream to say your vows while standing in a lavender field in France?  This is very important for your next steps so think about what really speaks to you both as a couple, not just what you’ve seen on Pinterest.  Pinterest is helpful in getting the ideas flowing but don’t focus on what works for others as much as what makes your heart sing!

2.       Attend a bridal show!  Strolling through a high quality bridal show will give you a chance to see lots of different wedding vendors at once.  It’s a great chance to speak briefly to the vendors and see if you think your personalities work well together.  Not to mention all the cake you’ll get to sample!  😉  If you’re in Kentucky, we highly recommend checking out the Bridal Bliss Classic at the Hilton in Downtown Lexington on January 7, 2018!  It’s a great show and we’ll be there so come and say, ‘hi”!

3.       Tour a few different venues and then book one!  It’s a good idea to be flexible on your date when you check out venues, especially if you are really set on a specific one.  Venues are typically the first thing that couples book, so they go fast!  If you love a venue that is a bit out of your price range, you might consider a wedding in the off season or during the week to secure your dream venue for less. 

4.       Book your wedding photographer!  After venues, photographers often go next.  This is largely because many only shoot one wedding per day.  After the date is gone, it’s gone.   Other vendors such as caterers, florists and hair & makeup artists can work on more than one wedding in a day, so they are more flexible.  Your photographer is with you almost the entire day on your wedding day and capture the memories that will be with you for a lifetime so it’s super important to choose one that you love!  Soon we’ll be blogging about questions to ask potential photographers so stay tuned for that!

These 4 steps are extremely important, but they are a great start in your wedding planning!  Just remember to enjoy the process and soak it all in!  Again, if you need help at any point, just contact us!