Wedding Day Q&A: Why Should We Do Bride & Bridesmaids Portraits Before the Ceremony?

Bride and her bridesmaids at the Cardome Center in Georgetown, KY

Bride and her bridesmaids at the Cardome Center in Georgetown, KY

Most of our clients already plan to have us take photos of themselves and their bridesmaids before the ceremony.  However, without careful planning, it's easy to run behind on the wedding day.  With several girls getting ready in a single room and lots of hair and makeup being done, time gets away from you.  If you're not paying close attention, it can be ceremony time and you're still getting the finishing touches of your makeup applied and there was no time for any photos prior to the ceremony.  While we can move those photos to after the ceremony and before the reception, it's not ideal.  Here's a few reasons why it's better to have them done beforehand.

1.  You'll get more photos.  When you shoot for your getting ready time to be done an hour and a half to two hours before the ceremony, you're allowing yourself some cushion.  We'll have time to take you and your girls outdoors for some great shots.  You'll have more time to play around with various fun poses and in the end, you'll end up with more photos of you and your best friends. 

2.  Your hair and makeup is fresh.  Everyone feels better about themselves in photos if they know their hair and makeup still looks amazing.  You haven't been walking in heels for hours and everyone just put their gorgeous dresses on and feels ready to model for the camera. 

3.  It's a time to relax.  You get to move outside of the dressing room and breathe in some fresh air.  You and your girls will laugh together and have fun for a while before the big ceremony.  It's a great chance for everyone to smooth out the nerves and afterwards, feel much more ready to walk down that aisle!

4.  You'll get to the reception faster.  Maybe the biggest factor for some people is the fact that after the ceremony, you'll have at least one less group to be photographed.  This means that you'll be able to move from the ceremony location to the reception quicker.  The guests love it, your wedding party loves it and trust me, you'll be hungry and thirsty so you and your groom will love it too! 

We have a few suggestions for making sure that you have plenty of time to do photos before the ceremony.  First, shoot for a time that is a couple of hours before the ceremony to be completely ready. Second, make sure that you have everything that you'll need before you leave home that morning.  Third, you'll still probably want to start getting ready a little earlier than you think you need to.  Make sure you talk about a timeline with your hair and makeup artist and plan for crazy things to happen.  Being prepared for your wedding day is the key to making sure you have a stress-free and smooth day!

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Cardome Center wedding, Georgetown, KY

Cardome Center wedding, Georgetown, KY