25 Winter Date Ideas | Lexington, KY Wedding Photographers | Keith & Melissa Photography


Whether you’re still dating, engaged or married, it can be challenging to come up with fun, new date ideas.  Dinner and a movie are great but it’s always nice to try something different.  Here are a few ideas of things couples in the Lexington area can do on a wintery day or evening that are a little unique!  Some of these options are especially for winter while others can be done anytime.  Some keep you at home (perfect for when you’re snowed in) and some require you to get out and go somewhere!  If you have more ideas that you would like to add, comment below! Keith's favorite is #4, and Melissa's favorite is #14! 

1.       Ice Skate at Triangle Park!  

2.       Paint together!  Try a painting class at Painting With A Twist 

3.       Have an “international” date night at home.  Pick a country like Thailand, order some Thai food and find a movie on Netflix that is set in Thailand.  For more ideas like this, check out…https://www.thedatingdivas.com/product/around-the-world-dates-india/

4.       See a play at the Opera House

5.       Take in a comedy show at Comedy off Broadway!  

6.       Have a backyard bonfire date!  Snuggle up under a cozy blanket by the fire with some hot cocoa!

7.       Game Night!  Spread a blanket on the floor, pop some popcorn, and laugh together while you play a board game or cards.

8.       Tour a local distillery!  Castle & Key looks intriguing…

9.       Grab some coffee!  Go to a cute coffee shop and sip on a cup as you talk about the dreams you share.  Check out Chocolate Holler in Lexington!  http://acupofcommonwealth.com/chocolate-holler/

10.   Go sledding together!  Take a day trip up to Perfect North!  

11.   Music & S'mores!  Turn up your favorite music and buy a little s'mores kit so you can enjoy a treat!  Get creative and try it with different candy bars, like Reese's!

12.   Head to a local winery such as Talon Winery.  

13.   Stay in and plan your honeymoon or next vacation spot! 

14.   Get some dessert in the warmth of our favorite ice cream lounge, Crank & Boom!  

15.   Ride the go-karts at Malibu Jacks

16.   Hold hands and roller skate at Champs!  

17.  Do a taste test in the same vein as Good Mythical Morning...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bUoLITSAaQ

18.   Video game night at home…plug up the Wii and try to beat each other in a tennis match!

19.   Walk under the sharks at the Newport Aquarium!  

20.   Learn to dance at a place like Arthur Murray Studios!  This is especially helpful for engaged couples that want to wow the crowd during their first dance!  

21.   Try your hand at indoor rock climbing!  

22.   Take a quiz like The 5 Love Languages and talk about your answers while sipping hot tea or coffee.

23.   Do a puzzle together!

24.   Create a bucket list together and then choose one thing to plan on doing in the next few months!

25.   Cuddle while you look through old photographs together whether they’re from your childhoods or the early years of your marriage.