How To Rock Your Mini Session | Lexington Photographers | Keith & Melissa Photography


Spring is right around the corner which means that mini session season is too! Mini sessions are a great way to update your family photos for a super affordable price. Mini sessions typically only last for 20-30 minutes which is perfect for younger children that have a short attention span and low tolerance for posing. Even though it’s not a long session, you still want awesome photos though, right?! Here are some tips to ensure a great experience!

Be On Time!

This may seem obvious but it’s worth the reminder. Your photographer likely has set up the sessions to take place one after another and being late will throw off the entire schedule. You might even lose several minutes of your session to ensure that the clients that are on time get their full session time.

Check Pinterest for Outfit Ideas!

There are so many excellent pins that show lovely pattern and color coordination. It’s absolutely worth checking it out to help you get ideas. If you still need help, contact your photographer to ask their opinions on the best color and styles to mix.

Bring Along Toys

For very young children and pets, this is very important! Bring along items that will make your baby smile! Pull out some lotion to put on your toddler’s hands to distract them from running off. If your dog “sits” for treats…bring them! Pull out your iPhone to play music or sounds that will capture their attention. You know best what they love so don’t rely on the photographer to have those things.

Consider the Weather

Unfortunately, your photographer can’t control the weather…it would be so nice if we could. :) You might want to dress your 8 year old in that sweet sleeveless Easter dress but if she’s freezing, she will likely look uncomfortable and maybe even get cranky. Rather than forcing the issue, bring along a sweater to throw on. Buy the tights. For boys, there are lots of cute jacket options.

Book a Hair and Make up Appointment

No, it’s not necessary, but if it makes you feel great and love your photos even more, it’s worth it! Since you’re saving money on the session, perhaps you can splurge on your beauty treatments.

Coordinate and Dress on the Same Scale

If your husband is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you probably don’t want to wear a formal dress. Keep it similar in tone.

Ditch the Cell Phone and Keys for your Photo Session!

Don’t keep them in your pockets because they will show!

Think About the Overall Style You want When Picking Colors

Imagine them being on your wall! Red and black will look very bold and classic whereas pastels and neutrals will look more soft and romantic.

Make Known Any Special Requests

If you have special requests for posing or backgrounds, let your photographer know ahead of time. They may have very specific poses and areas in mind and your time will better spent if everyone is on the same page.

Purchase An Album!

This session captures a small piece of something very important…your life. Whether this session is taken when you’re engaged, newlyweds, new parents or your kids are teens…this is worth remembering. Yes, you will be given digital images but a professional album will provide you with a beautiful keepsake that will still be standing 50 years from now.


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