Guest Post: Ways to Take the Stress out of Wedding Planning by Stephanie James

Invitation suite by Simply Done Invites

Invitation suite by Simply Done Invites

Planning a wedding is a commitment within itself - one that requires a great deal of dedication and organization. While you’re searching for a gown, hiring a DJ, and deciding which estranged family member your obligated to invite, the responsibilities of planning a wedding start to pile on top of your day-to-day responsibilities. Needless to say, this can all add up to be a very stressful and overwhelming experience - but it doesn’t have to be. While you plan for the big day, there are a few steps that you can take to stay stress free, and even enjoy the process along the way!


Join a wedding planning website.

Wedding planning websites like Zola, My Wedding, and The Knot will help you put a serious dent in what you thought was a never-ending to-do list. These sites offer a number of useful and easy-to-use tools that take all the pain out of wedding planning. Some of the top features include personalized wedding websites, guest list managers, gift registries, layout planning, and various checklists that you will be thankful you started!


Keep track of all of your appointments and tasks with a day planner or a planning app.

You’ve got a lot on your plate when you plan a wedding - and it can start to feel a little hectic without a schedule. Use a planner to schedule all of your appointments and plan out the times that you will complete specific tasks. With an organized schedule, all of those to-dos will feel far less intimidating and you won’t have to struggle with feeling overwhelmed. Whether you decide to go with a physical planner, or an app is totally personal preference!


Get enough sleep.

Receiving the optimal 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep each night will keep your mind sharp and allow you to process all of the intense emotions that come along with planning a wedding. Without a good night’s sleep, you will likely experience elevated stress levels, memory loss, mood swings, mental fogginess, and depression. Find the ultimate wedding week sleep guide, here.


Plan self-care time to decompress.

The chaos of wedding planning has a tendency to overrun your life. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, it is vital that you get in some serious you-time. Set aside time every day to focus on your own health happiness and engage in activities that you love. Whether this means meditation, date nights, spa days, or simply vegging out and watching Netflix - make sure you get time to decompress every day.


Be prepared and pack a wedding day emergency kit.

Get ready, something will go wrong on the big day - but, it will likely be something small. Be prepared for anything by making a day-of “go-bag” that is stocked with a Tide To-Go stick, backup lipstick, a mini sewing kit, ibuprofen, blotting papers, bobby pins, breath mints, fashion tape, and anything else that will save you from those little mishaps.


Remember, all of this chaos and planning will be worth it in the end. Ultimately, you are left with a day that will be cherished for eternity by those involved. Keith and Melissa have been privileged to photograph the magic of many weddings - make sure to use a photographer who will treat your big day with the respect and wonder that it deserves.

Stephanie James is a free-lance writer from North Carolina.