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I'm Engaged!!!...Now What?!

I'm Engaged!!!...Now What?!

Congratulations on your engagement!  The holidays are a popular time for couples to become engaged and it’s such a sweet, exciting occasion!  Becoming engaged right before or at the New Year makes it feel like you have a fresh start together as a couple.  It is also the perfect time to begin planning for the special day!

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

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"Why should I spend all that money on a wedding photographer when my friend/aunt/cousin has a good camera?"  We've all heard that question being asked before and maybe it's even you that has said it aloud.  We are fully aware that hiring a high quality, experienced wedding photographer will take up a certain percentage of your wedding budget.  It's not easy to spend money on something that you won't actually experience until the day of the wedding.  However, there are some good reasons that you should!

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You're spending too much money on everything else to skimp on photography.  When you sit down to budget for your wedding, we recommend dividing it up by percentages.  Decide in advance how much you have available to spend on your dress, venue, florals, makeup & hair, DJ, catering, decor, cake, and yes, photography!  Determine what really matters to you and you can't live without or what does not go up high on the priority list and go from there.   Do you want to have an open bar at the reception or a high quality photography team?   Sometimes sacrifices must be made; but, do you really want to sacrifice the one thing that is left after the wedding day?

At the end of the day, basically all you have left are your wedding photos to remember a pivotal moment in your life.  All of the beautiful things you spent money on such as the flowers, cake and dress will be gone by the end of the day or at minimum, stored away.  The only way to truly capture the details and keep them at arms length forever is through photos. 

Sweet moment of the bride with her brother at the Cardome Center in Georgetown.

Sweet moment of the bride with her brother at the Cardome Center in Georgetown.

An experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture the day no matter what the circumstances.  We do realize that some people DO have friends and family that are solid in the operation of camera equipment.  However, most might have a decent camera but no other lighting equipment.  If you're getting married in a dark church or your reception is very dark (as most are!), it's probably going to be pretty tricky for an inexperienced photographer to create really high quality photos. 

Wedding photographers who have shot several weddings know how to anticipate moments.  If you've only been to a handful of weddings, it's really difficult to know even the basic timeline of all the many small moments.  Moments such as the soft smile as mother of the bride buttons the bride's gown, the tears in the father's eyes when he sees his daughter for the first time, the embarrassed laugh of the groom when his best man's speech includes anecdotes from the past.  There are so many more and of course, always surprises.  Once you've been to dozens of weddings, it's so much easier to anticipate those moments and have the camera ready.  Those candid shots are some of the most precious. 

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Wedding photographers know how to beautifully capture all of the tiny details that you've taken so long to plan and purchase.  We know that your personality shines through in your details.  Brides that have a vintage wedding band or the groom that chooses to wear a bow tie or the letters that you've written to each other or the antique handkerchief that was your grandmother's...those are important details that show who you are individually and as a couple.  Whether you've spent a lot of money on it or it just has sentimental value, it needs to be preserved through your images. 

You will feel just as comfortable with your photographer as you would a friend by the wedding day. If you're concerned that you'll feel weird posing for your photographer because you're "awkward", you can rest easy!  By the time we shoot your wedding, we have usually met in person, corresponded numerous times via email, text or phone, and spent a couple of hours together for your engagement session.  We haven't had a client yet that we didn't love by the time it was wedding day!  If you think you'll feel awkward in front of the camera, that's fine with us!  It's our job to make you feel comfortable and to capture the raw, real love between you and your fiance and even your family.  Photos for us are about preserving a moment in time in a way that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. 

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Our intention is never to make anyone feel bad or guilty about any choices they make for their wedding day.  We know that the bottom line is, it's YOUR day and it's about what makes YOU happy.  If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us via our Contact page!  We can't wait to hear about what you envision for your special day!

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